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Apple Orchard Dark weft

Apple Orchard

We\'re still enjoying the last of the summer heat, drinking cold drinks, running through sprinklers and making daisy chains! But how quickly August fades into September and the evenings […]

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auction cotton sunbeam blessing threads at center rails

Uppymama Hesperides

This is an extra special wrap from our warp of Uppymama Hesperides! It is 5.0m  long with dark blue cotton weft and fun sunbeam blessing threads at both rails […]

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Autumn is approaching!

We are still enjoying summer but starting to look forward to sweaters and hot mugs of tea and apple season! Presenting Uppymama Apple Orchard. A tasty graduated blend of […]

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At long last!

When we launched Uppywear we decided to start small with three retailers.  Now we\'ve launched two of them and our third has been sitting tight, patiently waiting for us […]

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