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Uppymama Andromeda

We really love this design so we decided to order a few extra wraps. If you were hoping for a semi custom spot on Uppymama Andromeda but missed out […]

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Valentine 2017 Custom Auction

Working collaboratively with our babywearing mamas, Uppymama has designed beautiful warps. These warps include the gorgeous Uppymama Novafae,  Uppymama Harbour, the stunning Pink Lemonade and Lavender, the Macaron Series, […]

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Uppymama Andromeda

Uppymama Andromeda semi custom wraps have already made it to their homes and we hope they are all happily snuggling babies close to their caregivers. We had such a […]

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Uppymama Cucina

What's going on in your kitchen today? We hope your table is covered in crafts. We hope you and your little ones are having a picnic snack in the sunshine […]

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