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Uppymama Synergy Spring 2019 GCOW

Uppymama Synergy

Synergy by definition is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

We have two unique pieces of Synergy available!  In this 24hr sealed bid auction only one of these two wraps will be available (winners choice).  The remaining piece will then go up for draw following.  Sealed bid means you don’t see what anyone else is bidding so just enter the most that you could pay.  The Reserve bid is set at $500 CAD.


Our weaver Lisa has pushed herself to new limits to create for you Synergy.  There are two pieces on this cotton warp and each dyed using a different technique, but both pieces having a similar style for color placement.  The design was inspired by pieces of art by Jaanika Talts Art and Design.  Piece 1 (Comp Entry) was 4.9 meters, this piece was layed out flat and dyed using bright flower colors to look like a painted path down the centre of a flower garden, it was woven with hand dyed silk noil weft in a skip weave pattern with natural alpaca .  Piece 2 was 4.1 meters and was dyed in chains using darker moody colors, hand dyed supima cotton stellina weft, plain weave with randomly placed rows of skip weave.  The auction/draw winners will have the choice to add a middle marker of their choosing.

Piece 1: 100% Cotton warp, Silk noil weft 4.9m

Piece 2: 100% Cotton warp, Supima cotton with silver stellina 4.1m

Piece 1 4.9m Hand Dyed Silk Noil Weft

Piece 2: 4.1m  Hand Dyed Supima Cotton Stellina weft

Auction Terms

How Auctions Work

So you want to bid in an Uppymama auction? Here’s what you need to do!

You need to have an account and be logged in to bid in an auction  Be sure that the address listed in both your Uppymama account and your Paypal account are correct – not only can we only ship to the address listed on your account, keeping your address current will help expedite the invoicing process should you win the auction!

The wraps currently up for auction will be listed in the auction post on the website – be sure to note the size, fibre blends, middle markers and reserve bid amounts for each wrap prior to bidding.  Type your bid into the box that says “Enter your bid” (your bid must be higher than the reserve bid) and then click “Submit Bid.”  Should you choose, you may re-enter another bid every five minutes until the auction closes.  Please note that Uppymama auctions are sealed bid to protect the privacy of auction winners.

Note: We highly recommend entering unique dollar values to increase your odds of having a the top bid.  Instead of entering $500 it is better to enter $503 or $507 rather than a round number like $600 or $650.

If your bid is the highest at the time the auction closes, you will be notified by email (sent to the email listed in your account).  You will be able to purchase the wrap for your bid amount, plus shipping charges and taxes as applicable.

Participating in an Auction

All Uppymama auctions are conducted by sealed bid.  You may enter an initial bid (higher than the reserve bid), and re-enter bids every five minutes.

Please ensure your account information is accurate prior to bidding, including the shipping address.  We are only able to ship to the address listed in your account.

By submitting an auction bid, you agree that you will pay your full bid amount should you win the Uppymama wrap or sling that you bid on.  Please be aware that we may not reveal the amount of the winning bid publicly, to respect the privacy of the winners.


Payment must be made within 3 days of being invoiced, and must be made via PayPal.

Returns and Refunds

We ask that you please consider booking a babywearing consultation or exchanging for another style of carrier before you give up and return your Uppymama babywearing carrier. All carriers returned to Uppymama MUST BE IN NEW CONDITION with all original packaging. Returns must be received by Uppymama within 30 days of original shipping date.

The original cost of shipping will not be refunded. Your refund will be processed as quickly as possible.


Due to the handmade, artisan nature of Uppymama wraps, occasionally a carrier may arrive to you with an area of inconsistency.  It is completely normal for handwoven wraps to have weaver’s knots, bobbin changes, colour changes, nubs and slubs, etc.

If a wrap you won from an Uppymama auction has an area of inconsistency that concerns you, please contact us within 30 days of the shipping date. Uppymama will assess your wrap through photos to assess if you have an area of inconsistency that requires repair, or if your inconsistencies are considered normal for handwoven wraps.  If we determine that your wrap requires repair, Uppymama will pay for shipping and repairs, and send it back to you as quickly as possible.

Uppymama may also repair a wrap that has been damaged or arrives with areas of inconsistencies (more than 30 days after purchase, or if you are not the original owner), however the customer is responsible for all shipping charges.


All orders of carriers in stock may take up to 10 business days to process and ship. Shipping is done via Canada Post, and your purchase will be insured to its full retail value. Any customs fees or taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Local pick up may be possible and can be arranged when an order is completed.