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Uppymama Thrive

Spring on a farm is so inspiring. The seedlings sprout from the sun-kissed ground, the chickens peck in the yard, and our newborn spring babies feel the touch of […]

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Uppymama Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

The draw is up! Enter it here. We thought you might like a closer look at the details...   […]

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Uppymama Pink Lemonade

Do you like pink? Do you like lemons? Then you'll love Uppymama Pink Lemonade! We know you've been dying for a new Uppy and we've been hard at work […]

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What is Uppywear?

When Uppymama started making wraps, we wanted to make a wrap that was really accessible, sturdy and durable, easy to learn to use, and easy to teach with. "We wanted to add […]

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Uppymama Theia

June 16, 2014 Wrap Reveal Uppymama Theia blends vibrant turquoise into sunshine yellow. We were inspired by the goddess of light, mother to Helios the Sun, Eos the Dawn, and […]

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How to – Front Wrap Cross Carry

A wrap is a really long piece of fabric.  It can feel over whelming when you have only seen other parents walking about with wrapped babies and you have […]

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How to – Front Cross Carry

Front Cross Carry is the - on the go, in and out, snow and rain, pick me up, put me down, pick me up, put me down, nurse me, […]

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How to – Hip Cross Carry

It is time for a hip carry when your baby is craning her neck in every direction, desperate to see the world. Once your baby is able to sit up […]

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