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Babywearing Mini-Session with Amber Bourret

When our children our young some days feel like they stretch on into eternity, calming cranky babies, extended bedtimes, night time wake-ups. Even though it sometimes seems never ending, the reality is that it really flies by in the blink of an eye.  Why else do you think every older lady you pass as you wrangle a toddler smiles and says wistfully “Enjoy it. It goes so fast!” One day soon you’ll be looking back and missing the snuggles, the babywearing, and yes, maybe even the midnight feeds. This is one of the things that we love about photography so much. It enables us to lock those memories away.

One day your child will be too big to carry but with a beautiful babywearing photo you and your child will always have a memento of that special time. The longest time that went more quickly than you could have imagined!

With that in mind we have a very special event coming up and we would love to invite our local friends to come and join us! Would you love to have more beautiful babywearing photos? We’re teaming up with Amber Bourret Photography to help you get some lovely shots! We just love her natural photojournalistic style and think it’s a great opportunity for you to get some natural shots of you connecting with your baby both in and out of a wrap.

Becky will also be there to help anyone who wants some extra babywearing support and we will have lots of wraps there for you to try and use for photos if you like! Even if you’ve never wrapped before you could come out and have photos of your very first go! Anyone interested will have the opportunity to model some brand new wraps and everyone will have a chance to win something new from Uppy!  If you’d like more info on the photoshoot and would like to secure your spot for that portion you can check out Amber’s event for more details. We are so excited to see you there!