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The Wrap is On Us

It’s a busy place at Uppy. Sometimes when we have a batch of wraps ready for a draw there are a few stragglers. These wraps need some extra TLC from our finishing team, therefore we just don’t get them ready in time. We have a couple of wraps in our “extras” inventory that we think would make fantastic wrap conversions. We want to see these wraps have a great new life as fabulous wrap conversion style carriers. So… this month the wrap is on us!!! When you enter this draw for a Metamorphosis conversion slot you will pay for your wrap to be converted but your wrap will be a gift from Uppymama.

Note: This draw is for a wrap that will be made into a wrap conversion made by Metamorphosis conversions. The wrap will not be sent to the winner of this draw. This wrap has been sent directly to Shannon at Metamorphosis. This is a 3.8m wrap and the draw winner will work with Shannon at Metamorphosis to design the wrap conversion carrier to be made.


  • For the draws in October Uppymama will be supplying a 3.8m wrap from our Seraphina palette for the conversion to be made from. The wraps will be sent to Metamorphosis directly from Uppymama.
  • The cost of the conversion is $300 flat rate for a custom conversion slot including your choices of hood, straps, body size, and waist styles (appliqué and embroidery are not included)
  • Your carrier will be complete within 4 weeks of the wrap arriving to Metamorphosis
  • Check out the Metamorphosis “How it Works” page for more details!
  • This does include the cost of your Uppymama wrap. In this special draw Uppymama will be supplying the wrap for the conversion to be made from.

Winners will be notified by Uppy and will then work directly with Metamorphosis on their conversions. If you have any questions as to whether your wrap is appropriate for the conversion you are interested in, please contact Shannon. Specific details about your conversion will be discussed after payment is received.  Please note: unfortunately shipping to US addresses is not available at this point.

Draw Terms

Participating in a Draw for Purchase

If you submit to a draw and you are selected, you will be deemed a winner of the draw to purchase. You agree that you will pay the purchase price for the Uppymama wrap or sling that you submitted your entry for.

We accept only one draw per person.  We can only invoice directly to the draw winner.  We are not able to send an invoice to a person is not the selected draw winner.

Please ensure your account information is accurate prior to entering a draw, including the shipping address.  We are only able to ship to the address listed in your account.

You must have your complete mailing address entered in your account information in order to be selected as a draw winner.


Payment must be made within 3 days of being invoiced, and must be made via PayPal.

Returns and Refunds

We ask that you please consider booking a babywearing consultation or exchanging for another style of carrier before you give up and return your Uppymama babywearing carrier. All carriers returned to Uppymama MUST BE IN NEW CONDITION with all original packaging. Returns must be received by Uppymama within 30 days of original shipping date.

The original cost of shipping will not be refunded. Your refund will be processed as quickly as possible.


Due to the handmade, artisan nature of Uppymama wraps, occasionally a carrier may arrive to you with an area of inconsistency.  It is completely normal for handwoven wraps to have weaver’s knots, bobbin changes, colour changes, nubs and slubs, etc.

If a wrap you purchased directly from Uppymama has an area of inconsistency that concerns you, please contact us within 30 days of the shipping date. Uppymama will assess your wrap through photos to assess if you have an area of inconsistency that requires repair, or if your inconsistencies are considered normal for handwoven wraps.  If we determine that your wrap requires repair, Uppymama will pay for shipping and repairs, and send it back to you as quickly as possible.

Uppymama may also repair a wrap that has been damaged or arrives with areas of inconsistencies (more than 30 days after purchase, or if you are not the original owner), however the customer is responsible for all shipping charges.


All orders of carriers in stock may take up to 10 business days to process and ship. Shipping is done via Canada Post or UPS, and your purchase will be insured to its full retail value. Any customs fees or taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Local pick up may be possible and can be arranged when an order is completed.

How Draws Work

So you want to enter a draw on the Uppymama website? Here’s what you need to do!

You need to have an account and be logged in to enter an Uppymama draw.  Be sure that the address listed in both your Uppymama account and your Paypal account are correct – not only can we only ship to the address listed on your account, keeping your address current will help expedite the invoicing process should you be selected as a winner! In the case of a Giveaway Draw, you will need to make sure your address is correct in the account section of the Uppymama website; you will not receive an invoice if you win a Giveaway Draw.

You must have your complete mailing address entered in your account information in order to be selected as a draw winner.

In a Draw for Purchase, all wraps currently up for draw will be listed in the draw post on the website – be sure to note the sizes, fibre blends, middle markers and prices for each wrap.  You may only enter for one wrap for each draw.  You can only enter once per draw, so once you have decided which wrap you would like to enter to purchase, click on the “Enter Draw to purchase this wrap” button below the picture, and then click the confirmation button.

All winners will be notified by email (sent to the email listed in your account).  If you have a winning entry for a Draw for Purchase, you will be able to purchase the wrap you selected for the price listed below the wrap, plus shipping charges and taxes as applicable. If you have a winning entry for a Giveaway Draw, you will receive an email from Uppymama congratulating you and confirming your preferences and shipping details.

We wish you the best of luck!