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Uppymama Independent Babywearing Consultants (UIBCs) are Certified by Uppymama Ltd. to teach parents how to wear their infants and children comfortably and safely.

Early parenting can be very isolating and bewildering.  It is a time when we really need someone to tell us that we are doing well and that our babies are safe and healthy. By working with and certifying independent babywearing consultants we hope that, as a team, Uppymama will be able to exponentially support parents in their journey.  We want parents to feel confident and empowered by their own ability to know and nurture their infants.

Every Uppymama Independant Babywearing Consultant (UIBC) is a wise and inspired parent who has worn and nurtured at least one infant, gently and intuitively, well into toddlerhood.  UIBCs have the experience and training to teach you how to wear your baby from newborn to preschool age in a variety of positions. UIBCs will have regular ongoing training and support directly from Uppymama, and have access to resources for clients with any special needs.

UIBCs are able to answer questions about breastfeeding and infant care and offer classes covering a variety of natural parenting topics.

“In a different era we would have had an entire village of mothers to journey along side us.  We would offer help and wisdom and accept help when we needed it.  We would have seasoned mothers to advise and support us and we would in turn share our wisdom with others.  In a culture of increasing isolation we want to recreate a sense of ‘the village’ through the support we offer at Uppymama.” – Becky Purpur

While video tutorials and instructional illustrations can be so useful we want to see more mothers connecting with other parents in real life. Learning to effectively and comfortably wear your baby is very rewarding, and it is worth getting support as you learn. A consultant can provide a one-on-one consultation that will walk you through babywearing step-by-step, and give you tips to simplify the learning process.

Babywearing really is a simple task once you know how. We can help by teaching you the principles of babywearing; the carries parents find most comfortable, how to ideally position an infant, how to ensure an infant’s airway is always protected, and how to move and tighten the woven fabric to best support you and your baby.

Uppymama Consultants have access to a selection of both Uppywear and Uppymama handwoven wraps for their private who may be interested in purchasing an Uppy wrap.  Private consultations and wrap availability will be limited to the schedules of our consultants and our wrap production schedule.

Our goal is to have Uppymama consultants available to help every parent who wants to learn about babywearing.







An Uppymama Independent Babywearing Consultant has been certified to teach private clients and groups about the Uppymama principles of ideal babywearing positioning and wrapping.  An Uppymama Independant Babywearing Consultant may:

  • conduct individual private consultations in person or via online sessions videoconferencing
  • teach classes for a group of parents and provide classes and informational sessions through other parenting resources and retailers as well as information sessions for other professionals

Uppymama and Uppywear wraps and slings may be available for purchase directly from a consultant.

UIBC clients who have participated in an individual consultation will be able to purchase both Uppymama and Uppywear wraps from available stock, directly from their consultant. Uppywear will be available for purchase at any time through UIBC consultants, based on availability of stock

Private babywearing consultations can be arranged individually with a consultant in your area or conducted by online video conference if we do not yet have an Uppymama consultant in your area.  The availability of consultations appointments is subject to the availability of the individual consultant.  There may be a waiting list in some areas and we will endeavor to arrange groups and classes to best meet the needs of our clients.

Our consultants are available to accept a limited number of private clients and appointments will be made on an individual basis.


Private consultations are available at a fee of $125/hr CAD to be paid at the time of appointment booking in order to reserve your appointment.

Interested in Becoming a Consultant?

We are not currently accepting applications for Uppymama Consultants. You can, however, join the consultant waiting list. Should a position become available in your area, we will contact you with information about our application and interview process at that time.

Please contact us here with your full name, your location, and any applicable qualifications you may have.