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Uppywear Wrap Conversion Mei Tais are a versatile baby carrier that can be used to carry babies from age 6 months through to early childhood in very comfortable and ergonomic carrying positions.

This wrap conversion mei tai is ideal for wearing in both front and back and carrying positions. The coloured stripe on the upper straps are helpful when tightening and spreading the wrap straps across your child’s bottom for maximum support. This wonderfully designed and beautifully detailed carrier suitable for new and experienced babywearers alike.

See below for dimensions and measurements.

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1 Uppywear Mei Tai + 1 Uppywear Teddy Bear Carrier
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Product Description

Uppywear Wrap Conversion Mei Tais are individually hand-crafted from our Uppywear 100% cotton wraps. Just like our wraps each carrier is hand sewn in Alberta, Canada and hand finished by our skilled textile team. Uppywear Wrap Conversion Mei Tais are suitable for carrying babies from 6 months of age to toddlerhood. The Uppywear Mei Tai is fantastic as a front carrier and as your little one grows he or she can be transitioned to your back for a better view of the world.

Check out the How To Mei Tai Front Carry video and the How To Mei Tai Back Carry videos.

This carrier measures 40cm (16in) in height and 40cm (16in) in width at the seat. The Uppywear Mei Tai wrap straps measure 210cm (80in). The lower waistband plus wrap strap ties measure 190cm (75in) (As every carrier is handmade, there may be some slight variation in measurement.)

Uppywear wrap conversion mei tais are machine wash and dry friendly, and will work for most body shapes and sizes and multiple parents or caregivers. (see wrap strap and waistband measurements)

Your Uppywear Wrap Conversion Mei Tai will arrive in a reuseable tote. An Uppywear wrap conversion mei tai is an invaluable parenting tool to enable you to care for and connect with your little one while remaining hands-free and comfortable.

To learn more about the origins of Uppywear wraps you can check out the tour on our blog.

Additional Information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 55 x 10 x 20 cm

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