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Brie Smith – Uppymama Independent Babywearing Consultant

Brie began babywearing in 2009 after the birth of her second baby. Attachment parenting was a new concept to her when her second baby came along. She was introduced to La Leche League, a breastfeeding support group and there met other babywearing parents. When her second baby was a year old she purchased a cloth diaper service in her home town of Red Deer, Alberta. Working from home, she wore her baby often while doing tasks for her business and learned the simplicity and convenience of babywearing. She sold her business just before her third baby was born, giving priority to her expanding family.

“Babywearing has profoundly changed the way I look at my role as a parent.” – Brie Smith

Brie has always been passionate about teaching new parents about natural, intuitive parenting through cloth diapering, breastfeeding and babywearing.

Brie has been very busy working on the design and production of our fantastic Uppymama demo baby dolls. She lives in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada with her husband, three children and a golden retriever.

About Brie Smith, UIBC

Uppymama Certified Independent Babywearing Consultant


Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


Contact Brie Smith here.