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15. FWCC

FWCC with Narration

The Front Wrap Cross Carry with a lovely narrative to help you master this great carry. […]

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Ring Sling

We just love ring slings! Our favourite tip is to bring your child down through the ring sling and allow them to settle in a relaxed position with knees higher […]

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Proudly Introducing…

You've already met Discover, Grow and Sway.  We're so happy to introduce our newest family members to you- Explore and Tinker! You can see them in the shop! Explore is […]

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Big News!

When we first launched Uppywear, we wanted to make a wrap that was completely awesome.  We wanted it to be soft yet supportive, easy to learn with and most […]

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There are so many things we love about babywearing but one of the reasons that tops our list is giving new moms the ability to continue doing the things […]

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Uppywear -how to

Front Cross Carry Video tutorial

Front Cross Carry is one of our fave carries that work from newborn to toddler.  For newborns who are in and out of the wrap a lot to nurse […]

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Uppy Scarf Carry

"Getting your baby on your back will change your life!" -Becky Purpur Uppy Scarf carry is Becky's favourite carry to teach new babywearers who want to learn to wear their […]

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Uppymama Harbour

For tiny humans the big wide world can feel like the ocean on a windy day; it is as beautiful as it is vast and unpredictable. There is so […]

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Of Catching Babies and Capturing Memories…

I have been so honored to be with my dear friend (and Uppyconsultant!) Brie for her last two births. Brie just gave birth to her fourth baby after a few […]

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A Little Love Song

"Child that I was, Child that you are, went out and we sang, beneath the bright stars" ~J.P. Harrison Download the song here I fell in love with this song the instant […]

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Back it Uppy

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." ~Mother Teresa Uppymama began with […]

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Metaphorphosis Conversion

Transform your Uppy!

We love the versatility of a wrap but recognize that some people love ties and buckles and we always think it's so neat to see someone take one of […]

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We Are Two Mothers

"Yaya will you read to me?" We all need our mama sometimes! One of our favourite things about wraps is that in the end they're "just" fabric! That means that the […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

"Make Stuff...Even if it Kind of Sucks" “Maybe the most important teaching is to lighten up and relax. It’s such a huge help in working with our crazy mixed-up minds […]

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Busy busy!

Well we're all settling back in after the UppyTeam took Vancouver Island by storm! There are tutorials to edit and wraps to finish so we're keeping very busy getting […]

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Uppymama Cascadia Fusion

Fusion is here! It's the design for those who want it all. It's got stripes, pinstripes blending into a grad- and it's pure awesome! This is the final design […]

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Cascadia Bliss

Uppymama Cascadia Bliss is total luxury in wrap form. Whether hiking the trails or wearing your baby at a spring wedding you'll both be comfy as can be.  The […]

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Presenting Uppymama Cascadia Moxie!

It has been suggested that this wrap is a little bit Moxie and a little bit Folk since it is both full of wild pinstripes and also a hint […]

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Birthday Cuppycakes!

Uppyboy turned seven this week! I can hardly believe that it my baby is really seven years old. Its been quite awhile since he was up in a wrap […]

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New Colourgrown!

Some afternoons toddlers just won't nap. Those afternoons toddlers aren't always the happiest or most pleasant to be around. Thank goodness for wraps! Sometimes as a parent you need […]

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Seraphina Fusion

Seraphina Fusion has it all! Stripes, pinstripes and then an amazing grad on top of it all! It is definitely one of the inspirations for the angelic name we […]

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Sensory Play

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Family Day if you're in Alberta, Happy Monday if you're not! Today we have a guest post from Uppymama Kristy- if you don't know anything […]

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Uppymama Seraphina Moxie

Moxie is a high energy design that will get you up and moving even the morning after your little one decided to party in the middle of the night. […]

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Of unmade beds and dinosaur pajamas.

We love slow, sunny, winter weekends. It’s cold outside but the air is crisp and clear and sunshine streams through the window warming our home. During the week our time […]

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